Windows: XP vs. VISTA vs. 7

I just tested the startup speeds of the three latest versions of Windows.  Yes, I have that kind of time.  🙂

My desktop PC is triple-boot, meaning I can run Windows XP, VISTA or 7 on the same PC (for the next few weeks, anyway, until the newer versions’ trial periods expire).  Speaking of which, I found a GREAT utility, iReboot by NeoSmart Technologies, for multi-boot machines.  Anyway, I thought I’d test to see which operating system (“OS”) starts up the fastest.  Basically, the timer (me counting thousand-one, thousand-two, etc., because I don’t wear a watch and couldn’t find a timer) started when that initial boot menu shows up.  Your PC probably doesn’t show that unless you’re running multiple operating systems like I am, or maybe you’ve got it set to give you the Safe Mode option

I didn’t use iReboot for these tests, although I guess I could have timed a complete reboot for each of the OS’s.  Another program by NeoSmart, by the way, is the VERY handy EasyBCD, for editing the VISTA\7 boot configuration instead of Microsoft’s kluedgy (sp?) bcdedit.
The timer stopped once the Windows desktop was completely “up” with all icons visible and the hourglass no longer spinning.  Not very scientific, but it is applicable to real world perceptions, and I’m all about perception.  🙂  All three installations have basically the same thing installed on them, although in XP’s defense it does have MS Office and a few other small utilities that the other ones don’t have installed.
Anyway, the start-up speed results, in seconds, were:
XP Professional SP3  =   70
VISTA Business SP2  =  60
7 Ultimate (final beta)  =  45
On that note, after getting somewhat familiar with Windows 7, I’d say I definitely like it better than VISTA, but not necessarily better than XP.  It’s just diffferent.  The only drawback to 7 vs. VISTA that I’ve noticed so far is that Windows Mail (Outlook Express’s replacement) doesn’t come with it.
I’m not going to go out and buy Windows 7, though.  Mainly because it’s not that much better than XP, if at all.  Besides, my main printer, an old but perfectly good NEC SuperScript 870 hand-me-down, won’t work with Windows 7 or VISTA.  Apparently, NEC got out of the printer business.  Who knew?  Also, Movie Maker doesn’t work on my PC with VISTA or 7 because they say the graphics adapter is not good enough, even though it works fine with XP and it’s ON THE SAME PC!  🙂
In conclusion, I’m sticking with XP.  🙂  When I can afford a second machine, I’ll most likely get a Mac.  The Mac Mini is actually pretty cheap at  As cheap as that is, though, I still can’t justify buying one yet.  My wife also wants her next PC to be a Mac.

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