How to restore contacts in Windows Live Mail

Q:  I had some problems with this program.  I fixed the POP and SMTP server designations, and it works now.  However, I’ve lost my contacts – the folder is blank.  The funny thing is, when I type some letters in the “to” box, names come up.  Do you have any idea how I can restore…

Human resource management software

Open Source Human Resource Management Software.  FYI in case you’re looking for such, even though we hate the term “human resource.”  Ironically, it’s dehumanizing.  🙂 via Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) – OrangeHRM.

Fix for "ytimg" browser hang

Got a tip, thought I’d share it here.  Add the following to your HOSTS file: #fix for ytimg.exe browser hang problem Then from a command prompt, run: ipconfig /flushdns

Missed appointment

Well, it’s happened again, luckily for only the second time in my career. A customer called me to their house, only to not be home or pretend to not be home when I got there. People, if you change your mind, just call and cancel! There is no cancellation fee! In this case, I had…

Possibly useful sites

For those old gadgets you’d just as soon get rid of: And for a quick online scan against malware: And here’s another one, an online spellcheck of your website.  It’s useful for those areas of the website where there’s text but no spellcheck functionality on the back-end: