Facebook creeps me out

Every time Facebook shows me one of those notices saying something like "Hey there, we’ve been going through all of your posts and thought you might like to share this compilation," I feel like I’m being approached by some creepy guy on the street opening his trench coat to show me all of the compromising photos of me that he’s collected

Google Chrome extensions

Some of these Google Chrome extensions want permission to "… read and change all your data on the websites you visit." What the …? Why would I give ANYONE that kind of permission?

Keyword, cookie, browser analytics failure

Some headlines Google News mistakenly thought I’d be interested in …

Is Jeb Bush Right About Barack Obama and Donald Trump? — The mainstream (pro-Bush / Clinton) media keep pretending Jeb is relevant.< / em>< / li>
Kanye West named GQ’s Most Stylish Man once again — I’m all about Kanye! Not.< / em>< / li>