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Spring 2013

Hello again! It’s been quite a while since our last newsletter. We hope you find at least something in here useful! We use “affiliate links” in this newsletter, but we don’t affiliate with anyone without first checking them out.


We recommend utilizing as many different types of backups of your data as you can manage: external hard drive(s), copies on a second/third computer, an image stored in a “hidden” location on the hard drive, and of course “cloud” storage. “The cloud,” by the way, is just another way of saying it’s stored on someone’s server accessible through the Internet.
You shouldn’t put anything with financial or SSN info or intellectual property in one of those “free” online backup systems. Save that for the paid websites that provide more safeguards. For paid online/”cloud” backups, there’s Dropbox, CrashPlan, Nordic, Carbonite, Mozy, and many more. Mozy and Dropbox have a free version, as well.
If you’re willing to wait for delivery, this “External Hard Drive” listed here or something like it should work for you. To make an “image” of your system, we suggest Acronis.


New tool to clean your screen

Easy updates

For updating several software programs at once, we love Just make your selections, click “Get Installer” and save it to your Desktop, then just run that customized “Ninite” file for easy updates whenever you want. This way, you’re in charge, not waiting for those individual programs to prompt you. Here’s a link with common programs pre-selected for you, which you can individually add or remove before downloading your own copy.

How to reset your Internet connection

Yesterday, my router worked great. I was able to reset it and log in, but we could never get back online. I hate to buy a new router when it worked this morning. We must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?
The problem might not be your router, but your cable modem. Try the following:
  • Turn off the router and the Comcast/cable modem, and remove the cable modem’s battery (only if you’re comfortable, and only if necessary) so that it will shut off.
  • Let them both sit for a minute, literally, then first turn the cable modem back on, then the router, and make sure all of their appropriate lights are on.
  • If necessary, connect directly from the PC to the cable modem (bypassing the router temporarily) and download the user’s manual for that model from the router manufacturer’s website.

Free remote control software

TeamViewer is a great remote access program. We might even ask you to install it if you’d rather have us “remote” into your computer instead of visit you in person. For “remote” service, our hourly rate is 25% off.
How to Sync Outlook, Google Calendar and iPhone Calendar
This article proved to be very useful: How to Sync Outlook, Google Calendar and iPhone Calendar. We tested it and it works!

Keeping your PC safe

Before you get the “Your computer is infected!” fake warning, do the following:
  • Download, install and run CCleaner and/or Glary to first remove junk files on your computer. This will speed up the next steps on this list. You don’t need that “Clean PC” website or software advertised on TV.
  • Install and/or update your antivirus. We recommend AVG, Kaspersky, MS Security Essentials and VIPRE, among others. AVG has a free version and MS Security Essentials is always free, but not as good as the paid-for programs. McAfee and Norton are better than nothing, but not much. When your free trial on either of those expires, replace it with one mentioned above.
  • Install and/or update your anti-malware program. We recommend MalwareBytes.
  • If you already have the dreaded “Your computer is infected” problem … read the rest here. How’s that for suspense? 🙂

eBooks I’ve written

Speaking of suspense, completely unrelated to computers, you might enjoy one of the eBooks I’ve written: Operation Detour and Lottery President for the Kindle, or the Lottery President “prequel,” Temporary Insanity. You only need the Kindle software, not a Kindle itself for the first two.