I’ve been very happy with Windows Frontpage, but that’s no longer supported and there is no Windows replacement for it. I have tried a couple others, but nothing seems as easy and powerful as Frontpage. So I’m wondering if I can install the old Windows 2000 OS onto this computer so that I can continue using my favorite html editor (frontpage).
The problem is that my other computer is on its last legs and it is my only one I can use for this program. It’s getting pretty worrisome. I need to have an HTML editor I can use with Vista Home Basic but will seriously consider Windows 7 if that one allows me to run the old Frontpage designed for Windows 2000.

Microsoft replaced FrontPage with something called Expression.  I tried using it for a while, but it was just such slow, complicated bloat-ware, I found it easier to use a text editor called Notepad++, in combination of course with what’s built into Google’s blogger where I host and WordPress editing that I use for
I wouldn’t count on Windows 7 supporting something that Vista doesn’t support.  Here are a few WYSIWYG html editors, some free, here:  Of the non-free programs, I’d recommend Dreamweaver.  I’ve always liked it best.  Although I see on this list that Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is free, though it might only work with XP.  You can download that here:

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