Fixing Windows Updates that keep coming back

     Everyday I get an MS auto update message for the same update: MS XML Core Services 4.0, Service Pack 2. I have updated several times now and get an “update complete” message, but the next day when I fire up the computer it is back again. Do you think I have a bug that is not allowing updates?

     This should work for most if not all MS updates. Try the following:

  • turn off Windows Update temporarily (may or may not be necessary)
    • go to a Command (cmd) prompt (Start, Run, cmd, OK)
    • type in, without quotes:  “sc stop wuauserv” (or, “net stop wuauserv”)
  • in Windows Explorer delete all files from the following folder: c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download
    • to get there, just copy and paste that path, above, into your Start, Run line and click OK or hit Enter
    • highlight all the files in there (press Ctrl-A) and either right-click and choose Delete or just press the Delete key on your keyboard. Don’t delete that folder itself, just all files and folders within it
  • turn the Windows Update service back on
    • go to a Command (cmd) prompt (Start, Run, cmd, OK)
    • type in, without quotes: “sc start wuauserv” (or, “net start wuauserv”)

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