Automatic Windows XP/VISTA/7 startup

    For those who hate waiting for their computer to start up in the morning, but don’t want to leave it on all night, this is for you.  Most manufacturers have made it possible to set your computer to automatically startup at a certain time.  I don’t know the exact steps for each manufacturer, but if you can get into the BIOS/Setup screens, you should be able to find the Power options.
    If it’s a recent enough Dell computer, go into Setup (BIOS) by pressing F2 when it first starts up (before Windows starts).  Other brands might use F10, F1 or Del to get into Setup.  Go to Power options, and in there you can set it startup all by itself at a certain time every day or just week days.  This only works when connected to AC power, though.
    The above, alone, might be good enough for you.  But if you want to complete the process, do the following.  After Windows starts up, type this in the Run line (by clicking Start, then Run):  control userpasswords2.  Highlight your username in the list.  UNCHECK the box saying “Users must enter username and password…”  Click OK.  It will prompt you for your password, so type that in, twice, I think.  If that box was ALREADY unchecked, just check it, click OK, then uncheck it and follow the rest of my instructions after that.
    For Windows 7, the “control userpasswords2” never worked for me, but “netplwiz” does.
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